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Kaplun Foundation Essay Contest 2012 Calendar Announces Largest Edition of Poetry Cram Ever
Posted by : cj on Monday, September 17, 2012 - 01:58 PM

CLICK HERE to order a copy of JOMP. is pleased to announce that 71 poems, written by 63 poets, from Chicago and 20 other Illinois cities, and from 13 states across the country, as well as from the UK, Romania and Ecuador, have been chosen as runners-up in the Poetry Cram 14: Journal of Modern Poetry (aka, JOMP) competition.

JOMP is a 100 page 6' x 9' perfect bound volume of poetry with a full color glossy cover that was released on October 24 at the huge Chicago Poetry party at the Viaduct Theater, 3111 N. Western Ave, from 7 to 10 PM. Over thirty poets featured in JOMP read for the event. The event was FREE and open to the public. For more information about the theater please click here.

All 300 copies of the first run of JOMP were given away free to the contributing poets as well as to audience members at the event, and now JOMP is available through an extended run for $12:CLICK HERE.

The winning poems have been selected as well: CLICK HERE.

Congratulations go out to the Poetry Cram 14 poets!

Adam Benavides, Columbus, WI, Ode to Midnight in Milan

Anne Wesley, Lubbock, TX, Womanhood and Meditation

Barbara Kreader Skalinder, Evanston, IL, Nebraska Refrain

Beatriz Badikian-Gartler, Chicago, IL, Packing for the future: and This is for the woman

Brendan Thomas, Yorkville, IL, Tawny Thin

Camille Rose Castillo, West Haven, UT, Beyond The Looking Glass

Casey Derengowski, San Marcos, CA, The Class Reunion

Cathleen Schandelmeier, Chicago, IL, and Simon Phillips, London, England, A collaboration for Chicago Calling, SUBWAY VACATION

Charlotte Digregorio, Winnetka, IL, Drifting

Chris Reid, Chicago, IL, Visitation on the South Side and girl crush

Cordell M Miles Jr., Hammond, IN, My Means:

Cynthia Pfeiffer Stell, Oak Lawn, IL, broke:

Deborah Nodler Rosen, Glencoe, IL, THE STREET WRITES A POEM

Delores Tolliver, Chicago, IL, “Cause My Daddy’s Gone”

Dennis A. Rivera, Guayaquil, Ecuador, ERIC LOWER

Diane Anjoue, Wood Dale, IL, Albatross

Diann Martin, Wilmette IL, Waiting for your driver’s license to be mailed back

Don Ward, Raleigh, NC, The Getaway

Donna Pecore, Chicago, IL, Transitory Mash-Up

Ellen Savage, Highland Park, IL, Going To the Poetry Reading

Gail Goepfert, Palatine, IL, Among the Timbers

George Korolog, Woodside, CA, Imagining Heaven

Glenn Ford, Chicago, IL, THE ILL ONE

Isa Mambetsariev, Chicago, IL, Love in a letter

Ismael Mohammed El-Tayuddin, Chicago, IL, The 1st Ruku of Hajj

Itala Langmar, Kenilworth, IL, To a Kind Stranger

Jacqueline Harris, North Chicago, IL, Thank God for Who I am Not

James Graham, Wilmette, IL, Edge

James L. Merriner, Evanston, IL, Postcards from Hell

Jasminum McMullen, Oak Park, IL, The Abandoned House

Jennifer Dotson, Highland Park, IL, Secret

Jenny Santellano, Glenview, IL, Lassoed

Jim Davis, Chicago, IL, On Method

JoAnne Blackwelder, Ocean City, NJ, Evening*

Justin Peterson, Chicago, IL, Streetlamps Matter

Kathy Derengowski, San Marcos CA, Geisha

Laurie Blum, Chicago, IL, Where Love Should Be

Linda Leedy Schneider, Grand Rapids, MI, Oak Leaves

Lois Barr, Riverwoods, IL, Biopoesis and We all shrink.

Louise Mathewson, Eden Prairie, MN, The Power of a Smile

Lynn Veach Sadler, Sanford, NC, To Know a Battlefield

Marcia J. Pradzinski, Skokie, IL, The Scent of Chicken and nest of days

Mariah Phillips, Monee, IL, A lonely, jobless, hopeless college graduate’s ode to her blanket and Positive Thinking

Marian Kaplun Shapiro, Lexington, MA, Finding You and Spring Sunlight

Marianne Schaefer, Chicago, IL, SOUTH OF THE BORDER

Marissa Brawn, Chicago, IL, Your Half of the Bed

Mary Chapman, Orlando, FL, Crescent Moon

Mary Jo Balistreri, Waukesha, WI, Sunset Over the Mill Pond

Mary Langer Thompson, Apple Valley, CA, Contemplating My Cast

Mayi D. Ojisua, Chicago, IL, Senses

Michael Schwartz, Sugar Grove, IL, ABSTRACT ASTERISKS

Nancy J. Heggem, Palatine, IL, Snapshot

Neal Whitman, Pacific Grove, CA, An Idyllic Time Warp, or … and Truth Be Told

Norman Nanstiel, Des Plaines, IL, Impressions of a Still, Still Night

Pamela Larson, Arlington Heights, IL, Red

Peter Rodenby, St. Johns Chapel, Durham, UK, Yesterday I think I saw the last butterfly of summer

Rebecca Mullen, Evanston, IL, guild and gun

Renae Ogle, Yuma, Arizona, Vomit

Renée Szostek, Scotts, MI, Dreaming

Sheila A. Donovan, Chicago, IL, I WISH I WAS A PENCIL

Stella Vinitchi Radulescu, Chicago, IL, War Face

Terrance Raymond Carlton, Oak Park, IL, “N.E.R.D.”

Veronica Văleanu, buzau, buzau, Romania, memory and battery

Congratulations poets!!!

Note: Click Here to find out who made the cut!!


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