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Cloud 9 Assignment 12

ACFI3005 Auditing and Assurance Semester 2, 2014 Callaghan Assignment 2 Du e : Wednesday 8 October, 2014 by 5pm – Turnitin (Lecture 9) Worth: 15% of final mark. Submission: Turnitin by 5pm 8 October, 2014 and please submit a printed copy of the assignment in the tutorial/lecture or the Hub. Requirements: Moroney et. al. Chapter 4 Case study- Cloud Nine Pty Ltd (Cloud 9) p155. For the purposes of this assignment you are required to refer to the case study of Cloud 9 p.155, the information in the appendix pp. 468-472 in the Moroney text and the additional information provided below. Note: do not answer the questions from the text . following requirements:  Using the 30 September 2014 trial balance (in the appendix of the text p. 471), calculate the planning materiality using total revenues as the basis and provide two reasons justifying the use of total revenues as the basis for your calculation.  As a part of the risk assessment phase of the audit of Cloud 9 the audit team has gained an understanding of Cloud 9’s structure and business environment. From researching the retail and wholesale footwear industry a number of inherent risks have been documented and recorded in the additional information provided with the assignment. In your report include the documented risks and description with an additional heading “Risk Assessment”. Under this heading for each of the inherent risks documented consider Cloud 9’s operations with reference to the information provided in the case study and identify the associated financial accounts that would be affected. For each of the financial accounts identified provide an assessment of ‘high’, ‘medium’, or ‘low’ in relation to the likelihood and materiality of the risk occurring in respect of Cloud 9 with reasons for your assessment and identify the relevant ‘assertion/s’ which could be affected.  In undertaking the risk assessment of Cloud 9 the analytical procedure of ratio

I currently use the "Sharable Link"/submit as a URL option in my classes. I teach 7th-12th grade math, and have students as young as 10 years old taking some of my classes as an accelerated elementary option. It takes weeks of training every year to teach my students how to submit assignments since they have to go through so many steps to get a sharable link, change it to "can edit", and then paste the link. It's a lot of steps to go through that students get little feedback as to whether or not they've done correctly (since they will see their document either way, and the Google "shared" icon doesn't change when a document has view permissions versus edit permissions), and it's a hassle I'd like to see work more smoothly. (Particularly since Canvas has no way to "mark as not turned in" an assignment on a student's behalf when they make a submission error, so I end up giving them a zero and sending them a Canvas Message asking for a new submission, which feels pretty harsh.)


I would find it very valuable to also get the "fixed" version as one does with the Docs integration to go with the link, and to have a system where students have fewer steps they have to remember to do in Google when submitting assignments.


I just need the ability to comment and see revisions on a live Doc even more than I need the "as submitted" snapshot, so since I'm stuck with one or the other I chose the link. I really want both.