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Essay On Recycling Benefits

Advantages of Recycling

All processes produce waste from manufacturing to the finished product. Waste is any solid or liquid material that is rejected whether used or unused. In order to prevent accumulation of waste which can be harmful the concept of recycling is put to use.

Recycling of waste is the making of new products from materials that have previously served their use or are not required. These materials are put into new use which otherwise could have been thrown away. Recycling can also be seen as an environment friendly way of disposing off these materials from our environments. Large populations of people today are realizing the benefits of recycling globally with many still unaware of the importance of doing so. Recycling benefits the people and their environments in several ways which include the following:

It conserves the natural resources as it reduces the need for raw materials by Industries. Natural resources provide our industries with raw materials for their industrial processes like Paper factories which use timber from trees. A lot of paper which is the finished product of these factories end-up as waste after being used in offices and schools. These can be collected and recycled to produce new products by the same factories. Many paper industries today are recycling paper waste to make toilet papers and paper bags which are most commonly used around the world.

Recycling also protects the environments that we live in by preventing pollution. It is common in many third world nations to find litter which comprises plastic bags and paper which cannot decompose thus maintaining their state for years on the soil. This makes the environment unpleasant to be in or even look at. Discharge of raw sewage into our environments also worsens the situation by contaminating it. In order to ensure that our environment is protected, we should embrace the concept of personal responsibility by ensuring we re-use and reduce all non-biodegradable materials.  

Recycling protects our health in several ways. The materials that we do not need and wrongfully dispose of may find their way back in our households in different ways. Raw and untreated sewage emanating from industries and hotels if discharged into water bodies becomes hazardous for living organisms.  Contaminated water if used for farming and cooking by communities results into waterborne diseases like pneumonia and typhoid which is common in places where water is polluted. Plastic bags also disposed openly on the environment become breeding grounds for mosquitoes. When it rains plastic bags trap water that serves as habitat for mosquito larvae which can result to malaria outbreak.


Recycling plays an important role in modern economies that are characterized by increasing industrialization which creates pressure for limited natural resources by ensuring waste is re-used and reduced.


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