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Revision Podcasts A-Level Psychology Coursework

More-and-more people are realising how blogs can be used in education (well hopefully or I’m stuffed) – be it reading fab ones like you are now, writing them for your students, or actually getting your students to write them themselves. I read hundreds of blogs myself (runs off to check …) actually 78 regularly, but it’s a lot to keep up-to-date with and sometimes I go for a ‘blog-bankruptcy‘ and just mark all of them as read in my newsreader and start afresh.

So, what’s new for those of you who are bored of reading (or just don’t have the time). Well there’s loads of podcasts out there that you can listen to.

What’s a podcast I hear you say (and if you’re a clever-clogs – or just someone who spends far too much time on the internet like yours truly – then you can go to the top of the class and skip to the list of psychology related podcasts) … Well you could check wikipedia but that’s far too easy (and actually the page is really techie). A podcast is basically a spoken blog. A bit like the radio but through your computer.

There’s a whole collection of places out there where you can get podcasts from, so good, some not-so-good, but I have compiled a list of those which I think are good. I even have one, but there’s only one interview with Mark Griffiths on it at the moment – hopefully more coming soon! If you have iTunes then you can actually search for podcasts within iTunes and find those on psychology or psychology related fields. So here’s a few for you too browse (… well with your ears … what do you call it when you’re browsing with your ears? answers on a postcard please):

60 Second Psych, New Scientist, Psych Journey Podcasts, Radio 4 All in the Mind, The Psych Files (and there’s even more over at BPSRD)

Have a listen, find the ones that you like, even get your students listening to them (or if you are a student reader listen to them yourself and get ahead of the teacher!). If you know of any other great podcasts post them in the comments.

Our mission is simple: To produce inspirational and compelling GCSE and A Level audio tutorials to aid both teachers and students throughout the course of the academic year. They are exactly aligned to the curriculum and our writing teams, including leading academics, teachers and examiners, are subject area specialists ensuring students are learning from those with in-depth knowledge and teaching know-how. Each tutorial has high production values, using professional actors, music and sound effects to enhance learning and to make them enjoyable and effectve. Finally, in today's world, we want our tutorials to be available as and when needed so they can be accessed at anytime on all devices, encouraging independent learning and parental engagement. They are the teacher that's always with you.

We very much hope you enjoy your journey of learning and look forward to being able to help you along the way.

The Audiopi Team

Have a listen!

We have had some wonderful feedback from schools, teachers, students and parents. Have a listen to the Introduction to Macbeth to find out for yourself!