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Goal Line Technology Essay Ielts

“For me as FIFA president, it became evident the moment what happened in South Africa in 2010,” Blatter told reporters in Zurich. “I have to say ‘thank you Lampard.’ I was completely down in South Africa when I saw that it really shocked me; it took me a day to react.”

The outcry from English fans and the news media is believed to have compelled FIFA to address the issue.

But as the demand for goal-line technology grew, UEFA, the sport’s European governing body, took a conservative step to placate critics when it decided instead to add officials on each end line to rule on infractions in the penalty area, including goal-line issues, but only as advisers to the referee on the field.

FIFA acknowledged the march of history when it approved tests of the two systems earlier this year.

The final decision became preordained, to a degree, by the latest incident at the recent European Championships. During a first-round match in Donetsk between England and host Ukraine, which needed a victory to advance, a shot by Marko Devic slipped past goalkeeper Joe Hart and appeared to cross the line before it was cleared by John Terry. England held on for a 1-0 victory.

The Hawk-Eye system, which was developed in England, has been used the past decade in cricket and most notably in major tennis tournaments. In soccer, the system will employ six cameras at each goal to track the flight of the ball. Software is used to triangulate the location of the ball, with an encrypted radio signal sent to a device worn by the referee if the entire ball crosses the goal line. The process is said to take less than one second.

The GoalRef technology, which was developed in the Netherlands and Germany, was tested in Danish league matches this past season. It employs a chip embedded in the ball and sensors planted inside the goal posts and crossbar that emit electronic signals. The developers say GoalRef is less expensive to install than Hawk-Eye.

A similar technology, the Cairos system developed by Adidas, was used throughout the FIFA U17 World Cup played in Peru in 2005 but was later abandoned.

“This is a long-lasting decision and will resonate around the world,” Patrick Nelson, an I.F.A.B. member from Northern Ireland, told Reuters. “We look forward to its implementation over the years.”

The goal-line controversies have not been limited to big tournaments in Europe. In a recent Major League Soccer match between the Red Bulls and Chicago Fire of Major League Soccer, Red Bulls defender Wilman Conde slid to clear a ball that had clearly rolled over the goal line. His slide obstructed the view of the referee’s assistant on the far sideline.

Major League Soccer has for some years offered to be the laboratory for any test of goal-line technology and will doubtless be one of the first leagues to embrace the new system.

Other American sports, most notably the N.F.L., have long embraced instant replays to settle controversy. The N.H.L. uses video review on disputed goals; Major League Baseball uses it on disputed home runs; the N.B.A.’s use of it includes determinations on whether a shot beats the buzzer. In tennis, the Hawk-Eye system was first installed to settle service disputes; tennis now employs a sensor in the net and an automated line-calling system that also uses Hawk-Eye.

Also Thursday, the I.F.A.B. voted unanimously to lift its ban on the use of a head scarf, or hijab, for Muslim female players after a study by FIFA’s medial officer. Players had been barred from wearing the hijab because of safety concerns and because it was not an approved part of player uniforms under the laws of the game. The issue became contentious last year when Iran was kept from playing in an Olympic qualifying match against Jordan because its players refused to remove their hijabs.

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