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Ecourier Case Study An Extract From The British Computer Society

An apprenticeship is a route that caters for many young people from different backgrounds, different experiences and provides a platform to enable practical learning as well as achieving a higher education and a successful career in IT.

Hear from young people who have started their journey as an IT apprentice.

Luke Kuczynski
'If I had know about the apprenticeship route when I left college, I would have certainly enrolled right there and then.'

Keira has been working as a web developer during her time on the Apprenticeship programme.

Holly McCann
'I didn't know what my options were, I felt a bit lost. Little did I know that my whole life was about to change.'

Bobbie Richardson
'I changed my mind after being accepted into university and did an IT apprenticeship.'

IT Technician
'From private school to an apprenticeship, this was the right route for me, I am now a qualified IT professional.'

Vikash Rami
'I wanted to go to uni, but couldn't afford to go. A digital marketer apprenticeship with Google changed everything.'

Peter Beasley
'I changed my career path through an IT apprenticeship.'

Dan Hale
'The stigma of making tea for everyone is simply not true. I am a degree apprentice and lead a team of 6 other apprentices.'

Prestigious industry recognition for IT Apprentices - UK's IT Industry Awards 2016

Tanya Stittle
'It's okay to go into an apprenticeship not knowing if it's what you want to do forever, an apprenticeship is a stepping stone to your future.'

David Philips
David had no technical experience when he started, at 21 he is an IT Support Analyst.

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