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What Does A 500 Word Essay Means In Spanish

1(gen)palabra (f);(remark)palabra (f);voz (f);vocablo (m)

There are no words to describe how I feltThose were his very words(Ling)

What's the German word for "banana"?There's no such word as "persnickety", is there?

I remember every word he saidrecuerdo todas y cada una de sus palabras;that's not the word I would have chosenyo no me hubiera expresado así;the words(lyrics)la letra

I won't hear a word against himno permito que se le critique

a big worduna palabra difícil

They use a lot of big words in the Times Literary Supplement, don't they?

in word and deedde palabra y hecho

Our slogan: honesty in word and deedWhen a loved one resorts to violence, in word and deed, the world stops making senseTwo factory managers are to be removed from office because, the government say, they supported the coup attempt in word and deed

words fail meno me lo puedo creer

words failed meme quedé sin habla

a man of few wordsun hombre nada locuaz

I can't find (the) words to tell you encuentro palabras para decirte ...

Primary teachers across Britain struggled to find the words yesterday to explain the Dunblane massacre to inquisitive small childrenHe could find no words to express his misery

fine wordspalabras elocuentes (pero quizá poco sinceras)

word for wordpalabra por palabra

too stupid for wordsde lo más estúpido

the whole thing was too ridiculous for words

what's the word for "shop" in Spanish?¿cómo se dice "shop" en español?;the Spanish have a word for iten español existe una palabra para eso;there is no other word for itno se puede llamar de otro modo

She's disappeared! There's no other word for it

silly isn't the word for it¡llamarle estúpido es poco!

I can't get a word out of himno logro sacarle una palabra

in a worden pocas palabras;en una palabra

in other wordsen otros términos;es decir;esto es;in the words of Calderóncon palabras de Calderón;como dice Calderón;in his own wordscon sus propias palabras

in so many words

she didn't say so in so many wordsno lo dijo exactamente así;no lo dijo así concretamente

"Did he actually invite you?" "Not in so many words, but he implied that I'd be welcome to go along"the [last] word

to have the last word in an argumentdecir la última palabra en una discusión

to measure one's wordsmedir las palabras

by word of mouthverbalmente;de palabra

a word of adviceun consejo

And finally, a word of advice. If you meet a Bombardier beetle, try not to irritate it, because if it reacts, you won't like it!

a word of thanksunas palabras de agradecimiento

May I also say a word of thanks to all the people who sent so many letters

a word of warninguna advertencia

A word of warning: the terrain of a glacier is by its nature limited, so you shouldn't go for longer than a weekend

I can't put my feelings into wordsno tengo palabras para expresar lo que siento

Valentine's Day is the ideal opportunity to put your feelings into words

to put in a (good) word for sbavalar a algn;interceder por algn

don't say a word about itno digas nada de eso

he never said a wordno dijo una sola palabra;he didn't say a word about it to meni me lo mencionó;nobody had a good word to say about himnadie quería defenderle;nadie habló en su favor;I now call on Mr Allison to say a few wordsahora le cedo la palabra al Sr. Allison;ahora le invito al Sr. Allison a hacer uso de la palabra

to weigh one's wordsmedir las palabras

to weigh one's wordsto measure one's wordsshe weighed her words carefullyMartello paused to consider and weighed his words carefully as he repliedshe was studying him carefully with those damnably acute eyes, weighing his words, assessing his reasons

with these words, he sat downy tras pronunciar estas palabras se sentó

without a wordsin decir palabra or ni pío

Without a word he stood up and left the room

from the word godesde el principio mismo

The Dark Room, her fourth novel, hooked me from the word goThe Labour leader has been clear from the word go that his must be the party of Europe at the next election

it's the last word in luxuryes el último grito en lo que a lujo se refiere

you're putting words into my mouthte refieres a cosas que yo no he dicho

you took the words right out of my mouthme quitaste la palabra de la boca

the word on the street is that ...los que saben del tema dicen que ...

In a city where rumors spread like wildfire, the word on the street is that an incursion into Addis Ababa may take place within daysThe word on the street is that her publishers were terrified in case marriage meant that Kelley never wrote another word

many a true word is spoken in jestlas bromas a veces pueden ser veras

a word to the wise (is sufficient)al buen entendedor pocas palabras le bastan

Fathers, a word to the wise. If your daughter comes home and says: "I've fallen in love with the bass guitarist from Baby Suicide," don't panic ...


don't [breathe] a word about itor words to that effectSenna, the loser, simply told Prost to go away, or words to that effect, when the Frenchman proffered his hand



to have a word with sbhablar (dos palabras) con algn;tener unas palabras con algn;I'll have a word with him about itlo hablaré con él;se lo mencionaré;could I have a (short) word with you?¿puedo hablar un momento contigo?;I had a few words with him yesterdaytuve unas palabras con él ayer;to have a word in sb's ear(Britain)decir algo a algn en confianza

He nearly got the sack because of his extravagant lifestyle until a fellow team member had a timely word in his earA word in your ear, Mike: try not to ...

3(angry words)
to have words with sbreñir or pelear(se) con algn; especially(LAm)

the referee had words with himel árbitro le dijo cuatro palabras

words passed between themcambiaron algunas palabras injuriosas

4(no pl)(message)recado (m);(news)noticia (f);aviso (m)

She's waiting for word from headquartersWord has been spreading fast of the incidents on the street

to bring word of sth to sbinformar a algn de algo

word came that ...llegó noticia de que ...;se supo que ...

if word gets out that sale a la luz que ...;si llega a saberse que ...

If word got out about his past, there'd be a scandal

the word is going round that dice que ...;corre la voz de que ...

word has it that ...the word is that dice que ...

Word has it that he's walked out on his wife

to leave word (with/for sb) that ...dejar recado (con/para algn) de que ...;dejar dicho (con/para algn) que ...

there's still no word from Johntodavía no sabemos nada de John

pass the word that it's time to godiles que es hora de marcharnos

to send wordmandar recado

Both men sent word that they had retired for the evening

to send sb word of sthavisar a algn de algo

to spread the wordpropagar la noticia

5(no pl)(promise, assurance)palabra (f) (de honor)

it's his word against minees su palabra contra la mía

to take sb at his wordaceptar lo que algn dice

to break one's wordfaltar a or no cumplir la palabra

to give sb one's word (that ...)dar la palabra a algn (de que ...)

to go back on one's wordfaltar a la palabra

you have my wordtienes mi palabra

I'll pay you back tomorrow — you have my word

we only have or we've only got her word for ittodo lo que sabemos es lo que ella dice

The whole event may not even have happened. We only have her word for it

to holdorkeep sb to his wordhacer que algn cumpla su palabra

word of honourpalabra (f);palabra (f) de honor

to keep one's wordcumplir (lo prometido)

(upon) my word!¡caramba!

he's a man of his wordes hombre de palabra

I take your word for itte creo;¡basta con que me lo digas! (informal)

take my word for itte lo aseguro

Take my word for it, he's a good man

his word is (as good as) his bondsu palabra merece entera confianza

to be as good as one's wordcumplir (lo prometido)

6(no pl)(command)orden (f)

to give the word to do sthdar la orden de hacer algo;you have only to say the wordsolamente hace falta que des la orden;his word is lawsu palabra es ley;word of commandvoz (f) de mando

7(Rel)verbo (m);palabra (f)

the Word of Godel Verbo de Dios

  • Titanic, however, is no soulless junket into techno-glop wizardry but rather a complex and radiant tale that essays both mankind's destructive arrogance and its noble endurance.

    —thr staff, The Hollywood Reporter, "'Titanic': THR's 1997 Review,"19 Dec. 2017

  • That combination is perfectly suited to his Christmas Tree-O project, which sanguinely essays holiday themes—both classic and schmaltzy—with gusto and ardor.

    —peter margasak, Chicago Reader, "Drummer Matt Wilson’s Christmas Tree-O deftly walks the line between sincerity and kitsch with its stroll through holiday hits,"8 Dec. 2017

  • Daria channeled her struggle into a college admissions essay that talks about losing herself in literature to cope with moving from hotel room to hotel room after Sandy.

    —megan friedman, Seventeen, "This Incredible Girl Bounced Back From a Hurricane to Get Into 7 Ivy League Schools,"20 Apr. 2015

  • Both Lively and Bilson opted for youthful, dressy shorts, while Chung essayed the season's maxi hemline.

    —veronique hyland, Harper's BAZAAR, "Chanel Cruise 2012: Karl's Seaside Crossing,"9 May 2011

  • Macmillan doesn’t make W the easiest person to live with, and Brooke essays a lovably irritating presence.

    —marcus crowder,, "Theater review: Breathe in the post-modern air of ‘Lungs’,"24 May 2017

  • Azais, who scored a Cesar award for his performance in 2014’s Love at First Fight (Les Combattants), here essays a coming-of-age transformation that essentially attempts to reunite Vincent with his mother.

    —justin lowe, The Hollywood Reporter, "‘A Taste of Ink’ (‘Compte tes blessures’): Film Review | COLCOA 2017,"16 May 2017

  • Arthur Nikisch essayed one with the Leipzig Gewandhaus in 1919.

    —david allen, New York Times, "A Long Party of Concerts to Celebrate Anton Bruckner,"13 Jan. 2017

  • Acceptance of the prize constitutes permission for Sponsor and its agencies to use Winner’s name and/or likeness, biographical information, [and/or essay, photograph, etc.

    —ew staff,, "The Walking Dead,"29 June 2017