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Good Bio Poem Titles In Essays

"No day but today." ('Rent' song)

''Lightning of life''

A Day in _____'s Shoes

A life woven through time

A Miracle Starts With a Beat of a Heart

A Riot Life

A Trip to the Library is like a Trip to Another World!

All Life's A Stage

All Life's A Stage

Always Do What People Tell You NOT to do

An Affair To Remember

Angels can fly because they take life lightly.

Are You For Real!

Be You

Beautiful Blue Eyes

Beyond The Obvious

Bits and Pieces

But First Coffee

Cherish yesterday... Dream tomorrow... Live TODAY.

Circle Of Life

Coffee Break.

Confession Session

Count the stars

Count your blessings, not your problems.

Dance like no one is watching...

Days of Our Lives

Desires of the Heart

Details Recorded.

Do what you love


Every good friend once was a strange.


Farewell (friend, Mom etc)

First Comes Love

Fool You

Friday night and feelin' alright!

Friends for life

Glitter, Glisten, Gloss

Glitter, Sparkle, Shine

Gracias por la vida, gracias por el amor

Grandmothers are the Flowers in the Garden of Life

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not....

Hearts Knit Together

Hello Adventure

Here is where my story begins

Hidden Treasures

Highlight of my day

How Do I Get You Alone ???

I scrapbook to...

I Still Learning

Imprint On My Heart

Indulge Yourself

It is difficult to be unhappy in (Destination).

It is not the destination ... but the journey.

It's All About Me

It's a wonderful life


journey of a lifetime

Learning Life's Lessons


Life is a Bubble Bath... a few splashes, but generally good, clean fun!

Life is beautiful

Life is Fragile, Handle With Care

life is short, enjoy the coffee

Life's A Beach

Life's a Beach

Life's an adventure...go for it!

Life's Not ALWAYS rainbows and butterflies!~*

Life's Pathways

Listen with your heart

Little Moments = Big Memories

Live Laugh Love

LIVE like its your last day LAUGH like no ones listening LOVE like you have never loved before

Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much

Live your dreams

Live your Life

Live your Story

Love is all, all is love

Love is Life

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Me, myself & I

Misery Loves Company>>>> Wanna come over ! lol yeah yeah yeah i love it

My Family

My family has grown by (2, 4, 6 feet etc.)

My Family...My Life

MY four favoriate things in life: Parents, Pork, Ant, Friends

My Life, My Family, God's Way

My Little Man

My past, My present, My future ~ What was, What is, What will be

My Weakness...

My Wish

New Beginnings

Once In A Blue Moon

Our Journey Begins Here

Our life is a window through which angels appear

Patience is the art of concealing your impatience.

Plant a seed and watch it grow!

Rare is the day that I don't think of you

Rare is the day that I don't think of you

Right off the press!

Semi-Charmed Life

Some kind of wonderful

Stay beautiful

Suena... con un mundo distinto

Supply & Demand

Take Life By the Hand And Dance

The Best Things in Life are Always Free

The Circle of Life

The Fix'er upper

The Sweet Life

There's no time like the present.

Time of Your Life

Tough Times Don't Last Tough People Do

Treasured Memories - Moments of a lifetime

True beauty blossoms from within

Unwritten: Then write/type the lyrics to the song unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield

We are F-A-M-I-L-Y

Welcome to the World

What is Life.....

What lies beneath..

You are my light in the dark ... the place I call home.

Seventh Grade Student


Who is energetic, creative, athletic and short.
Daughter of Sandra and John.
Lover of fun, marine life, and John.
Who feels pessimistic, left out, and sometimes happy.
Who needs love, time, and hugs.
Who fears sharks, death, and homework.
Who gives friendship, advice, and love.
Who would like to see a cure for cancer, Alaska, and my parents back together.
Resident of Mount Air.

Character from Literature


Angry, defiant, bright, frightened
Daughter of a prison inmate
Cares deeply about her mom and dad
Who feels alone
Who needs someone to see through her defenses
Who gives friendship to those who believe in her
Who fears going to jail
Who would like to see her father
Resident of Cotton Junction, Georgia

Historical Figure


Strong, brooding, witty, compassionate
Husband of Mary Todd Lincoln
Cares deeply about saving the Union
Who feels committed to ending slavery
Who needs the nation’s understanding
Who gives freely of himself
Who fears war
Who would like to see North and South as one again
Resident of the ages

“Bio Poem” Example

Two poems based on Sammy by Elizabeth Ripley

Both of these poems—one a “Bio Poem,” the other an “I Am Poem”—show how poem forms can be used to assess how well students understand literary characters or historical figures. The “bio poem” and “I am poem” also make excellent pre-performance character studies for students who may be acting out a character from literature or poetry.

Naughty, happy, hungry, and sly
Son of Mommy
Lover of fun, jam, and mom
Who feels motivated, happy, and guilt-free
Who needs jam, bread, and a chair to stand on
Who gives headaches, grief, and hugs
Who would like to see his mommy happy
and a swimming pool filled with jam.
Resident of The Kitchen

“I Am Poem” Example

Mommy of Sammy by Elizabeth Ripley
I am a harried mom in a heckuva hurry.
I wonder why my son can’t stay out of trouble.
I hear huge lips smacking in the kitchen.
I see mounds of jam everywhere.
I want a vacation!
I am a harried mom in a heckuva hurry.
I pretend not to find my child annoying.
I touch my child’s sticky sweet face.
I worry that he will wipe his face on my new curtains.
I cry to think he won’t be a child forever.
I am a harried mom in a heckuva hurry.
I understand that children will make messes.
I say, Sammy! Don’t make yourself jammy.
(I say, I’m thankful that we’ve food to eat at all.)
I dream of the day that Sammy becomes self-cleaning.
I try to remember that this is just a phase.
I hope when I am old, my son will clean up after me.
I am a harried mom in a heckuva hurry.