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City Road Cardiff Essay Writing

Current Cardiff postgrad Jack Wetherill praises the Welsh capital…

Cardiff – capital city of Wales and all-round hotspot for students. Cardiff has long had a name for being a popular location with students, but why do so many people choose to study there?


1. The reputation

Not only is it a member of the Russell Group, but for areas like journalism Cardiff University is also considered one of the top institutions in the UK for postgraduate study.


2. The architecture

Some of Cardiff University’s buildings – such as the Bute Building – are listed. The architecture, especially on a summer’s day, looks beautiful.


3. The greenery

If pretty buildings aren’t your thing then there are plenty of pretty parks, too. Cathays Park near the city centre even has a giant fountain in the middle; if that isn’t relaxing then what is?


4. The nightlife

It shouldn’t be, but the nightlife is always a selling point of where you choose to go to university. There’s Greyfriars Road with Glam and Pryzm, Mill Lane with slightly more classy joints like Soda, Mocka Lounge and, er, Retro. There are plenty of different places to go on a night, and many won’t break the bank.


5. It’s gay friendly

Cardiff University is one of the top five gay friendly universities in the country. And if you want a gay night out then Churchill Way is the place to be, with The Kings, WOW Bar and Pulse.


6. The university location

Many university buildings in Cardiff are located fairly centrally, so you really get the experience of actually living in a city and the associated hustle and bustle.


7. Busy, but not too busy

That being said, it isn’t horrifically busy. Cardiff is no London, put it that way. There are times when the city centre should be a no go zone though, like match days.


8. Sports

What would Wales be without its rugby? Cardiff comes alive on match days. The Millennium Stadium is right next to Cardiff Central Station, too, so easily walkable from the city centre.


9. Close to the countryside

If you have a car and enjoy walking in nature then Cardiff is only an hour or so away from the Brecon Beacons and the stunning area around it. There are waterfalls, woodlands and quaint country pubs not far from the capital city.


10. Surrounding cities

Cardiff has great links to other cities, too, if you also need to think about work experience. Bristol is a short train journey away, but London and Manchester can also be reached by a direct train.


11. Dining

There are so many cuisines available in Cardiff. Go to City Road if you want a takeaway, Cardiff Bay if you want to push the boat out or head to The Hayes for some inner-city fine dining. Burger & Lobster, which recently opened in Cardiff, only sells burgers and lobster but won’t cost the earth.


12. The Taf

Cardiff University’s student pub is the perfect place to go after a stressful day of lectures and seminars. A pint costs a couple of quid and the atmosphere is cosy. On a Friday they do Bar Exchange, so you can drink and learn about the stock market at the same time!


13. It’s a whole other country

No one says it but everyone thinks it, unless you’re Welsh. There’s something exciting about studying in what is technically a different country for the rest of us English folk.


14. Live music

Cardiff Union hosts loads of popular bands and The Motorpoint Arena holds massive groups, even hosting the S Club 7 reunion concerts! But there are also so many small venues for local talent, such as Club Ifor Bach.


15. Shopping

Just about every shop imaginable is open in Cardiff. It has two shopping centres on the main street as well as a train station to get you home if you have too many bags.


16. Culture

If drinking or sports or shopping aren’t your thing then Cardiff has some amazing spots for art and theatre. Chapter is a centre that hosts various types of art, including international and independent films, trad itional art, and performance art.


17. Cost of living

It’s quite cheap to live in Cardiff, especially in comparison to other capital cities such as London. As little as £275 a month each could get you a spacious three-bedroom apartment close to the city centre.



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Life is a beautiful thing. Everyone has an interesting story about their life. It is known that what is good for one person may not be good for another person. For example, some people always prefer to live in a big city, and some people prefer to live in a small town. Everyone has different points of view for that. A person has different thinking and reason to choose a place for living. Jobs, education, family, lifestyle, personal development and some other factors are responsible for choosing their place to live.

Both living in a big city and living in small town has its advantages and disadvantages. First of all, In a small town, you can build up a good community connection with people. Mostly, everyone knows each other. It gives you the opportunity of receiving help whenever you need it. In a small town, people usually have their own business or their own agricultural development. Life is very peaceful in a small town compared to the big city. People are always free to help each other. In a big city, life is very busy.

A person can also make a good community connection in a big city, but because of a busy lifestyle, it is hard to be connected every time. You cannot easily get help like you can in small town. In other words, in a big city a person just has himself. Secondly, people choose to live in a big city because of job opportunities. In a small town, there are limited local jobs available. There may be businesses hiring like grocery stores, gas stations and fast food chains. In a big city, you can get lots of job opportunities.

There are also job opportunities that have special training and higher education, creating a chance for higher wages and more promotions such as headquarters for corporations. Working for a big company has great benefits that a small town business can’t offer, like an opportunity to meet new and interesting people in the job. Also, the crime rate in a big city is very high. Sometime people choose to live in a small town because of that reason. It is always said that to live in a smaller community is always safer.

Education is one of the reasons for living in a big town or city. Both cities and small towns have good and bad schools. However, there are a lot of options in a big city. Most small towns have one or two high schools. On the other hand, a big city has more schools than that. In a big city, you have the option for your career making field. A Big city has universities, colleges and schools. Because of that you can go to more sporting venues, like NBA Basketball games, NBA Football games, as well as many minor league or major league sporting events.

Small towns offer you local high school sports. When you live in a big city, you have much greater access to a variety of entertainment venues, and you are exposed to all sorts of different cultures. Cities also have all sorts of music festivals, comedy festivals, and other events that happen on a fairly regular basis. By contrast, small towns generally don’t have nearly as much variety. Furthermore, Small towns rarely have a formal public transportation system. People must need to buy their own vehicle or depend on others for a ride.

Owning your own vehicle is helpful. However, after that it will start to cost for costly gas and insurance. A Big city has multiple forms of public transportation like taxis, cabs, and a bus system. You can always use a public transportation for reasonable price. At the same time, many people are attracted to small town life. If you are active in town events such as school functions, hometown sports games, fairs and festivals and local politics. These allow a relationship to grow inside and outside of your immediate family.

The population in a big city is always larger. That can give you a feeling that you are lost or unimportant. With this erratic lifestyle, it is less likely you will see your family regularly. It is easy for one to get involved with too many activities and miss out on “home” because the big city offers numerous activities. In the end, both a city and a small town have advantages and disadvantages. As I said before, everyone has different thinking and points of view to choose a place for living a life. In the end it depends on where a person wants to live.