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Extra Credit Assignments For Ap Us History

Extra Credit Assignment!

Hello, APUSHers:

Here's a chance to have some fun, get in the holiday spirit and study APUS History, all at the same time!

So, what do you have to do?

Choose a Christmas, Chanukah, or Kwanza "carol" to re-word.
Then choose an historical topic, event, individual personality, or historical group
and re-word your "carol" with lines pertaining to that choice.
It must be historically accurate and contain the major terms, ideas, etc., associated
with the subject of your "carol."
You must have at least eight, 4-line main stanzas, OR six, 6+ line main stanzas.
[The chorus doesn't figure in to this count, even though you have to re-write
the chorus as well].
Your new version of the "carol" must follow the same pace, cadence, syllables,
and rhyming pattern as the original!
Type out your history "carol" [you can get fancy, if you wish].
DUE DATE: Tuesday Dec. 23rd


The AP U.S. History course focuses on the development of historical thinking skills (chronological reasoning, comparing and contextualizing, crafting historical arguments using historical evidence, and interpreting and synthesizing historical narrative) and an understanding of content learning objectives organized around seven themes, such as identity, peopling, and America in the world. In line with college and university U.S. history survey courses’ increased focus on early and recent American history and decreased emphasis on other areas, the AP U.S. History course expands on the history of the Americas from 1491 to 1607 and from 1980 to the present.


AP Course Exam and Description



SUMMER Assignments

Summer Assignments


A Wicked War Assignment

A Wicked War Dialectical Journal


Age of Great Dreams Assignment

Age of Great Dreams Dialectical Journal

Marshall Extra Credit Assignment


Useful Links

Gildder Lehrman - 

Podcasts - History of the US Since 1877

Podcasts - Jennifer Burns Podcast

Chapter Reviews - Chapter Videos

Brinkley Guided Reading

1st Semester - Brinkley Chapter Questions

2nd Semester - Brinkley Chapter Questions


Presidential Preview

Presidential Preview


United States History Cram Packet

Cram Packet

First Semester

Period 1: 1491 - 1607

 AMSCO Chapter 1


Period 1 Review

Review Guide


Period 2: 1607 - 1754

Article Response Sheet

Podcast Response Sheet

Jamestown Article

Zenger Article

9/1 Powerpoint - Colonial American Development


Period 2 Review

Review Guide


 AMSCO Chapter 2

 AMSCO Chapter 3

Period 3: 1754 - 1800

Article Response Sheet

Podcast Response Sheet


French and Indian War Documents

PowerPoint - French and Indian War

PowerPoint - American Revolutionary Era

PowerPoint Washington & Adams

PowerPoint - Constitutional Period

Thomas Paine Article

Women of the American Revolution

Sunrise at Philadelphia Article


American Revolution Yale Lecture


Period 3 Review

Review Guide


 AMSCO Chapter 4

 AMSCO Chapter 5

 AMSCO Chapter 6

Period 4: 1800 - 1848

Article Response Sheet

Podcast Response Sheet



10/24 - 10/27: Lectures

10/24 - Lecture 24

10/25 - Lecture 25

10/26 - Lecture 26

10/27 - Lecture 27

Jefferson and the Meaning of Liberty

Louisiana Purchase Article

Jacksonian Revolution Article

Declaration of Sentiments of the Anti-Slavery Society

Declaration of Sentiments - Seneca Falls

Extra Credit Due 10/31 - The Birth of a Nation

Extra Credit Due 11/6/17 - Tissue Box Extra Credit

PowerPoint - Highs and Lows of Jefferson

Embargo Act Cartoon ANalysis

PowerPoint - Andrew Jackson


Period 4 Review

Review Guide


AMSCO Chapter 7

AMSCO Chapter 8

AMSCO Chapter 9

AMSCO Chapter 10

AMSCO Chapter 11

Period 5: 1844 - 1877

Article Response Sheet

Podcast Response Sheet


Antebellum Reformers Recruiting Fair

Reconstruction: The Revolution that Failed

PowerPoint - The Road to the American Civil War

PowerPoint - Reconstruction and the New South

The Road to the Civil War

Period 5 Review

Review Guide

AMSCO Chapter 12 

AMSCO Chapter 13

AMSCO Chapter 14

AMSCO Chapter 15


Midterm Study Guide - Midterm Prep

Second Semester

Period 6: 1865 - 1898

EOC Review PowerPoint - Gilded Age Industrialization 

EOC Review PowerPoint - Gilded Age Society in Transition

Article Response Sheet

Podcast Response Sheet



PowerPoint - Gilded Age, Industrialism, and Culture

PowerPoint - Gilded Age Politics

PowerPoint - American Frontier

Project PowerPoint - Gilded Age Museum Template

Gilded Age Project Instructions

Period 6 Review

Review Guide


AMSCO Chapter 16 

AMSCO Chapter 17

AMSCO Chapter 18

AMSCO Chapter 19 

Period 7: 1898 - 1945

EOC Review PowerPoint - The Progressive Era

EOC Review PowerPoint - America Builds an Empire

EOC Review PowerPoint - America in World War I

EOC Review PowerPoint - The Roaring Twenties

EOC Review PowerPoint - Great Depression and New Deal

EOC Review PowerPoint - America in World War II


Article Response Sheet

Podcast Response Sheet


PowerPoint - Progressives in American Society

PowerPoint - Progressive Politics

PowerPoint - American Imperialism

PowerPoint - World War I

PowerPoint - Roaring 20s

PowerPoint - Great Depression and New Deal

Reading - Wilson Wouldn't Yield

Reading - FDR and the New Deal

Reading - Pear Harbor Day of Infamy


Webquest - WWII Webquest

WWII Stations - Station Worksheets

WWII Stations Packet - Stations Packet

Period 7 Review


Review Guide


AMSCO Chapter 20

AMSCO Chapter 21

AMSCO Chapter 22

AMSCO Chapter 23

AMSCO Chapter 24

AMSCO Chapter 25

Period 8: 1945 - 1980

EOC Review PowerPoint - Cold War

EOC Review PowerPoint - The Sixties

EOC Review PowerPoint - Civil Rights Years


Article Response Sheet

Podcast Response Sheet


PowerPoint - Post WWII America

PowerPoint - The Swinging Sixties

Reading - How the 1970s Changed America

The Warren Court

Feminism Readings

PowerPoint - Rise of Conservative America

Period 8 Review

Review Guide


AMSCO Chapter 26

AMSCO Chapter 27

AMSCO Chapter 28

AMSCO Chapter 29

American Domestic Policy 1945 to Present - PowerPoint

Period 9: 1980 - Present

EOC Review PowerPoint - Crisis and Resurgence


Article Response Sheet

Podcast Response Sheet



Period 9 Review

Review Guide


AMSCO Chapter 30

AMSCO Chapter 31


Exam Review - 15 Days Out