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Ethyl Benzoate Synthesis Essay


Eye protection

Each group will require:

Measuring cylinder, 5 cm3

Beaker, 10 cm3

Plastic dropping pipettes, 4

Thermometer, 0 -110°C

Beaker, 100 cm3

Heat resistant mat

Access to top-pan balance, weighing to 0.01 g

Bunsen burner, tripod and gauze


Access to an electric hotplate, with thermostatic control


Access to thermostatically controlled water bath set at 70 - 80°C

Ethanol, (IDA, Industrial Denatured Alcohol) (HIGHLY FLAMMABLE, HARMFUL), 1 cm3

Benzoic acid (HARMFUL), about 0.5 g

Concentrated sulfuric acid (CORROSIVE), access to small quantity

Refer to Health & Safety and Technical notes section below for additional information.


Formula: C9H10O2 
CAS#: 93-89-0 
MW: 150.17 

[MS]  [ NMR ]  [ Kovats ]  [Behavioural function]  [Occurrence in plant]  [Chemdraw] 

Reference(s) for synthesis of Ethyl benzoate

Meerwein et al. 1958. Angew. Chem. 70:211-212.

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