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Horizon Weekly Assignments Page

Mon.-Fri., May 22-26
1. Awards
2. Summer Activities
3. Make-ups
4. Online evaluation
5. Birthdays
6. Group photo
7. Special speaker (Tues.)
8. S.I.C.K. days
9. 6th Grade Fun Day: Wed. (8:30-11am)






1st Period        


2nd Period       


3rd Period       


4th Period         


5th Period         


6th Period          



Friday 5/26




1st Period        


2nd Period       


3rd Period       


4th Period   


Hawk Hour

10:12 – 11:14

Group A  

Lunch   10:12 – 10:42

HH          10:45 – 11:15

Group B              

HH          10:12 – 10:42

Lunch     10:45 – 11:15

5th Period         


6th Period          


Thurs.-Fri., May 18-19
1. Final Exam!
2. Collect Study Guides

Wed., May 17
1. Final Exam tomorrow (Thurs./Fri.)
2. Study - Study Guide
3. Makeup: Greece Test, Greek Inventions Video Notes, 9-4 Workbook, Workbook pp.103-114 (10.1,2,3; 11.1)
4. Agenda check

Mon.-Tues., May 15-16
1. EOC Study Guide

Thurs.-Fri., May 11-12
1. LEOCE Essay Exam

Tues.-Wed., May 9-10
1. Quiz (on HW)
2. Go over HW
3. EOC Study Guide
4. End of Year Schedule
5. HW: Finish workpack

Mon., May 8
1. EOC Study Guide
2. Collect HW
3. HW: Workbook, pp.112-114

Wed.-Fri., May 3-5
1. EOC Study Guide
2. HW: Workbook, pp.109-111

Thurs.-Mon.-Tues., April 27-May 2
1. Go over Workbook, pp.106-108
2. Diagram Roman Government
3. Compare Roman Govt. to US Govt.
4. Make-up
5. EOC Study Guide

Fri.-Wed., April 21-26 - 6th Grade FSA Testing

Thurs., April 20
1. Work on EOC Study Guide
2. Go over Greek Test (Make-up)
3. Workbook pp.106-108 (due 4/27-28)

Tues.-Wed., April 18-19
1. Take out and staple - Workbook pp.103-120
2. Do workbook pages 103-105
3. Bell: Founding Myth
4. Map activity worksheet (and text pp.R9,11,13)
5. Quiz 10-1

Mon., April 17
1. Greece Test
2. Practice Test
3. Finish debates
4. Test Review

Fri., April 14
1. Greece Test
2. Practice Test
3. Finish debates
4. Test Review

Wed.-Thurs., April 12-13
1. Finish debates
2. Chapter 8 & 9 Practice Tests (pp.255/287)
3. Online: Quizlet, Test review
4. List of Greek Inventions (video)

Mon.-Tues., April 10-11
1. Finish Civilization Cards
2. Finish debates
3. Chapter 8 & 9 Practice Tests

Thurs.-Fri., April 6-7
1. Stamp Day
2. Debate - Greek's greatest achievement (8-3, 9-4)
3. Videos

4. Civilization Cards
5. Quizlet - Quiz
6. Workbook - 9-4 (Spanish)

Tues.-Wed., April 4-5
1. Debate - What was the Greek's greatest achievement (8-3, 9-4)
2. Videos

Mon., April 3
1. Text 8-3
a) Why did the Greeks create their myths
b) Compare/contrast Greek religion to other civil.

Thurs.-Fri., Mar.30-31
1. Notes/Practice - Greek vs US Democracy
2. Vocabulary search
3. PPT project (Greek Achievements)

Mon.-Wed., Mar.27-29
1. Quiz - Geography and City-States
2. PowerPoint Notes and Video
3. Create a timeline of Greek History

Tues.-Thurs., Mar.21-23
1. Read articles "The Real Source of Athens' Greatness"

  and "A School of Conquest"
2. Answer "Questions for review" and Understanding the Story"on pp.53,54,59 on a separate sheet of paper.

Mon., Mar.20
1. Civilization Cards
2. Lesson Notes: Geography and Greece

March 13-17 - Spring Break

Thurs.-Fri., Mar.9-10
1. Group 1 - Civilization Cards
2. Group 2 - Workbook
3. Group 3 - Make-up
4. Lesson Notes: Geography and Greece

Tues.-Wed., Mar.7-8
1. Make-up day - (See World History Documents/Agendas)
2. Finishg DBQ Essay (if needed)
(Hebrews Test) (China Test)

Mon., Mar.6
1. DBQ Essay writing

Wed.-Fri., Mar.1-3
1. DBQ - Alexander (Doc.A-F)

Mon.-Tues., Feb.27-28
1. DBQ - Alexander (Hook, Background)

Thurs.-Fri., Feb.23-24
1. Hebrews Review/Test (Practice)
2. FSA Writes review

Wed., Feb.22
1. Hebrews Test
2. Review
3. FSA Writes review

Tues., Feb.21 
1. Finish worksheets/foldable or watch film.
2. Quiz - Jewish Contributions
3. Work on Civilization cards
4. Hebrews Test on Wed.
(Make-up China Test)

Mon., Feb.20 (No school - President's Day)

Thurs.-Fri., Feb.16-17 
1. Finish worksheets/foldable or watch film.
2. Quiz - Jewish Contributions
3. Work on Civilization cards
(Make-up China Test)

Wed., Feb.15 (Substitute)
1. Worksheets: Esther, Jewish Migration

Tues., Feb.14 (Happy Valentine's Day!)
1. Yom Ha Shoah
2. Jewish Festivals
3. Quiz

Mon., Feb.13
1. Judaism Foldable
2. HW: Workbook, pp.73-78 (Span.pp.139-150)

Thurs.-Fri., Feb.9-10
1. Judaism Foldable
2. Argument on Hebrew Heroes
3. Go down Moses, Swing Low Sweet Chariot

Wed., Feb.8 (Early Release)
1. Finish Chart - History to Religion

Tues., Feb.7
1. Text, pp.202-207
2. Chart - History to Religion

Mon., Feb.6
1. Bell: River Valley Civ. Quiz
2. Venn - Hebrews & Civiliz. Geog.
3. Text, pp.202-207
4. Chart - History to Religion

Thurs.-Fri., Feb.2-3
1. Test review
2. Email PowerPoint slides 
3. Test on China

Wed., Feb.1 
1. Finish Chapter review from Tues.
2. Email PowerPoint slides

Tues., Jan.31 (Substitute)
1. Text pp.193-194/questions 1-14

Mon., Jan.30
1. Emailing student Powerpoint Slides
2. Test Review, Quizlet and Notes
     (China - 5 Themes of Geography
     Silk Road, Mandate of Heaven, 1st Emperor,
     Inventions, Chinese Philosophies:
     Laozi, Confucius, and Han Fei Zi /Quiz)         
3. Test on Wed.

Mon.-Fri., Jan.23-25 (Period 1 - Groups)
1. Chinese inventions PPT (China links) (other list)
2. Primary Source Reading (Mandate of Heaven)
3. Wk: Shang Dynasty & Geography

Thurs.-Fri., Jan.19-20
1. 1st Emperor of China video & Evaluation chart
2. Chinese inventions PPT (China links) (other list)

Wed., Jan.18
1. Go over HW - 5 Chinese Brothers
2. Chinese Philosophies Quiz (Pd.4)
3. 1st Emperor of China video & Evaluation chart

Tues., Jan.17 
1. Go over Chinese Philosophy questions
2. Go over HW - 5 Chinese Brothers
3. Art Auction
(*Mr.Q's Hawk Hour: Relay for Life and Drama)

Mon., Jan.16 (Dr.Martin Luther King, Jr. Day)

Thurs.-Fri., Jan.12-13 (Mr.Q@Field Trip on Thurs.)
1. Evaluation Chart of Chinese Philosophies:
Laozi, Confucius, and Han Fei Zi.
(Spanish:Preguntas;Citas de Laozi, Confucio, y Han Fei Zi)
2. Quiz - Chinese Philosophies
3. HW: 5 Brothers Story - questions
(Spanish: Cinco Hermanos Chinos; preguntas)
4. Video: First Emperor of China & Evaluation Chart

Wed., Jan.11
1. Period 1 - Field Trip orientation
2. Period 4 - 5 Brothers story 
3. Finish going over Wkbk.6-1, 6-2

Tues., Jan.10
1. Field Trip - Period 1 - Wednesday
                  - Period 4 - Thursday
2. Go over Museum Field Trip videos
3. Go over  6-1 and 6-2 workbk.
4. Quiz (Workbk)

Mon., Jan. 9
1. Stamp Day (period 4-Tues./Pd.1-Wed.)
2. Field Trip - Jan.11 (Permission/Museum video #1 & #2 & notes)
3. Scavenger Hunt review
4. Workbook - 6-1 and 6-2 (pp.58-63) (páginas 109-120)
5. Quiz - China 

Thurs.-Fri., Jan.5-6
1. Stamp Day
2. Field Trip - Jan.11 (Permission/Museum video #2 & notes)
3. Scavenger Hunt review
4. Workbook - 6-1 and 6-2 (pp.58-63) (páginas 109-120)

Wed., Jan.4 - 
1. School PowerPoints & Procedures
2. Semester Topics
3. Stamp Day (tomorrow)
4. Field Trip - Jan.11 (Permission/Museum video #1)

Mon.-Tues., Dec.12-13
1. Make-up Exams - Egypt, India
2. Make-up Classwork: Chart - Impact of Geography on India, Caste article, Hinduism Foldable, Buddhism Foldable, 
Venn - Hinduism/Buddhism, China - 5 Themes of Geography

Thurs.-Fri., Dec.8-9
1. RWA - Contributions of the Silk Road
2. Make-up Week, next week
3. India Test

Wed., Dec.7 (Early Release)
1. Introduce the Silk Road 

Mon.-Tues., Dec.5-6
1. China - Geography & Impact PPT

Thurs.-Fri., Dec.1-2
1. Outline DBQ essay
2. Write DBQ Essay
3. Dilwale

Wed., Nov.30
1. Go over DBQ Doc. D, E & F
2. Outline essay
3. Begin Writing Essay

Tues., Nov.29
1. DBQ - Asoka - Go over Doc. A-C
2. DBQ - Complete Doc. D & E
3. HW: DBQ Doc. F

Mon., Nov.28
1. DBQ - Asoka (Hook,Background,Doc.A)
2. HW: DBQ - Doc.B & C

Mon.-Tues., Nov.21-22
1. Dilwale

Wed.-Fri., Nov.16 (Early Release) -18
1. Foldable: Buddhism (5-3)
2. Notes - Compare Hinduism/Buddhism
3. Kahoot Quiz - (Hinduism/Buddhism) 
4. HW: DBQ - Ashoka (Background) (Wed.)
5. DBQ - Asoka - Doc.A-F 

Tues., Nov.15
1. Finish video
2. Foldable: Buddhism (5-3)
3. HW: Quiz tomorrow (Hinduism/Buddhism)

Mon., Nov.14
1. Finish Foldable (Hinduism)
2. Video
3. Analyze Hindu Art/Religion (draw!)

Thurs.-Fri., Nov.10-11
1. Finish Foldable
2. Make-up (Test)
3. Evaluate Hindu Art & Religion
4. Quiz - Indus and caste
5. Collect binder check

Wed., Nov.9
1. Caste article
2. Hinduism (5-2) Foldable

Tues., Nov.8
1. Wk: Caste System - (Text Code)
2. Hinduism (5-2) Foldable

Mon., Nov.7
1. Bell: River Valley Worksheet
2. Go over 5-1 Wk (Engl) (Spanish)
3. Wk: Caste System 
4. HW: Finish Caste System reading

Thurs.-Fri., Nov.3-4
1. Draw a Map of physical features of India
2. Read Ch.5-1, Create a chart of the Impact of Geography on India
3. Make-up Egypt Test 

Wed., Nov.2 (Early Release)
1. Workbook pp.43-45 (Spanish pp.77-83)

Tues., Nov.1
1. Test - Egypt's Geography, History and Achievements


Mon., Oct.31
1. Animated Map
2. Quizlet Review
3. Test - Egypt's Geography, History and Achievements


Thurs.-Fri., Oct.27-28
1. Go over Quiz 
2. Digital Citizenship (media center)

Wed., Oct. 26
1. Quiz on Egyptian Kingdoms
2. Wkbk.4-4 (pp.37-39/Span.p.67-71)
3. Achievements: video
4. Test - Thurs./Friday

Mon.-Tues., Oct.24-25
1. Timeline of Egypt's Kingdoms (PPT) (pdf)
2. HW: Wk: Akhenaton
3. Video: Akhenaten Parts 1 & 2 (Amenhotep IV)

Thurs.-Fri., Oct.20-21
1. Review
2. Quiz - Geog. of Egypt
3. Timeline of Egypt's Kingdoms (PPT) (pdf)
4. Wk: Akhenaton
5. Video: Akhenaten (Amenhotep IV)

Wed., Oct.19
1. Trace map of Egypt (p.87)
2. Wk: Egyptian Seasons
3. Video clip, Shaduf
4. HW: Wk - Nile Delta
5. Seat changes

- Mon.-Tues., Oct.17-18

Thurs.-Fri., Oct.13-14
1. Make-up work
2. Finish 5 Themes Chart for Egypt
3. Quiz - Geography of Egypt

Wed., Oct.12
1. Finish 5 Themes Chart for Egypt
2. Test - Mesopotamia
3. Test - Prehistory
4. Stamp Day

Tues., Oct.11
1. 5 Themes Chart for Egypt
2. Test - Mesopotamia
3. Test - Prehistory

Mon., Oct.10
1. Hurricane, Texts, and Tests
2. 5 Themes Chart for Egypt
3. Video

Thurs., Oct.6 (No school Friday - Be safe!) 4-109
1. Test - Mesopotamia
2. Test - Prehistory
3. Collect Binder check slips
4. Make-ups and Stamp Day next week
5. Quizlet Review

Wed., Oct.5 - Happy World Teacher's Day!!
1. Evaluate Mesopotamian Achievements
2. Bell: Workbook, pp.25-27 (Span.45-49)
3. Rap video
4. Writing: Most important Mesopotamian invention

Mon.-Tues., Oct.3-4
1. Writing DBQ Essay

Thurs.-Fri., Sept.29-30
1. DBQ - Essay
2. Writing a good essay
3. Chat with Sgt. Ocasio about the law
4. Java!

Wed., Sept.28 (Early Release)
1. Go over DBQ (Hammurabi) 
2. Test Review 
3. HW: Hammurabi's Code documents C & D

Tues., Sept.27
1. Practice Vocabulary Quizlet & Links (Group 2)
2. DBQ - (Hammurabi) (Group 3)
3. Make-up work (Group 1)
4. Workbook - 3.2 and 3.3 due today!
5. HW: Finish DBQ

Mon., Sept.26
1. Practice Vocabulary Quizlet (Group 3)
2. DBQ - (Hammurabi) (Group 1)
3. Make-up work (Group 2)
4. HW: Workbook -Mesopotamia 3.2 and 3.3

Thurs.-Fri., Sept.22-23
1. Practice Vocabulary Quizlet (Group 1)
2. DBQ - (Hammurabi) (Group 2)
3. Make-up work (Group 3)
4. HW: Workbook -Mesopotamia 3.2 and 3.3 (Group 4)
      (Engl. pp.19-24/Span. pp.33-44)
5. Video - Hammurabi Rap

Wed., Sept.21
1. Civilization checklist
2. Mesopotamia video discussion
3. Slow read 3.2
4. Quizlet

Mon.-Tues., Sept.19-20
1. CSI chart - River Valleys importance (3.1)
2. Bell: Guess where? Why?

Thurs.-Fri., Sept.15-16
1. DBQ - Hammurabi's Code

Wed., Sept.14
1. Finish Notes - Compare Stone Ages
2. Answer questions on back of Test Review. 
3. Worksheet - Drawing Conclusions from a Chart (prehistoric tools)

Tues., Sept.13
1. Notes - Compare Stone Ages
2. Review for Test
4. Bell: Reading a Timeline 
5. HW: Study for test

Mon., Sept.12
1. Test - Wed.
2. 9/11 by the Numbers
3. Bell-Writing: How did Otzi die? (p.35)
4. Discuss: Human nature & Violence

Thurs.-Fri., Sept.8-9
1. Go over HW
2. Finish Hominids Chart
3. Early Man Scavenger Hunt
4. Make-up work

Wed., Sept. 7
1. Early Humans and Hominids Chart
2. Lesson: Bias
3. HW: Wkbk.pp.7-15 (ELL: pp.12-26)
4. HW: Population Graph (period 1 only)

Tues., Sept. 6
1. Labor Day video
2. Go over Human Migration map study
3. Bell: Not true! Mr.Q
4. Early Humans Chart

Thurs.-Fri., Sept.1-2 (Computer Lab 4-109)
1. Website Scavenger Hunt
2. Human Migration Map study
3. Finish signing on to Google Classroom, Quizlet

Wed., Aug.31 (Early Release)
1. New students: (Computer Lab)
a) Quizlet
b) Online Text (Desktop Portal)
c) Join my Google Class (Desktop Portal)

Tues., Aug.30 Welcome new students!
1. New students: Cards, rules, syllabi, supplies
2. WJ: Evidence (p.6)
3. Bell: Survival! 
4. Collect HW

Mon., Aug.29
1. Bell: Puzzle
2. Text: Solve puzzle (ch.1.1)
3. Lesson: How we study history
4. Lesson: How we take notes
5. HW: Wk.: Population Trends

Wed.-Fri., Aug.24-26 (Computer Lab 4-109)
1. Review Computer Lab Rules
2. Student Portal
    a) Find Textbook & Workbook
    b) Gale
    c) World Book
    d) Google Education
3. Mr.Q's Website Scavenger Hunt
4. Register/Sign Up:
    *Hstry Timeline     
       Use code: 28974
    *Quizlet -
5. Finish 5 Themes of Geography Charts

Tues., Aug.23
1. Collect HW Map
2. Finish Notes - 5 Themes of Geography (FL44)
3. Review - Post-It!
4. Bell: WJ -Clues - Describe a place (page 5)

Mon., Aug.22 (Substitute)
1. List & define Economics Vocabulary (bold)
    in Text pages FL32-FL35.     

Fri., Aug.19
1. Bell: List/Rank reasons to study history (1.1)
2. Notes - 5 Themes of Geography (FL44)
    (PPT) (GPS) (Musical Map) 
3. Map activity 1, 2 (finish for HW)
4. Go over & collect HW (Span)
5. Review - Post-It!

Wed., Aug.17
1. Bell: Text/WJ - Write 3 questions
2. HW: 1.2
3. Notes 

Tues., Aug.16
1. Bell - Guessing Game
2. Three items
3. How do we study history (1.1) 
4. Writing Journals
5. HW: 1.2

Mon., Aug.15
1. Bellwork:
    Write down one question you would
    like to ask the teacher.
2. Mind Read
3. Make: Lifeline
4. Three items

Friday, Aug.12
1. School PowerPoint

Thursday, Aug.11 
1. School PowerPoint (Period 4)
    a) The Big 3
    b) Fire Drill
    c) Code of Conduct
2. Collect HW

Wednesday, Aug. 10 - Welcome Back!
1. School PowerPoint (Period 4)
2. Student Info/Parent Contact card
3. Procedures - Entering, Bathroom
4. HW: Signed Syllabus
5. Address: _________________
    Phone: ____________


"Just a quick note to referee schedulers on the website I have used a number of assigning websites over the years and without question this is THE BEST I have ever come across. It is easy to use, and they can make any adjustment to make your scheduling system fit your specific needs. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. I use it everyday and have recommended this site to every assignor I do business with and they have made the switch. Everyone is very happy with the change."
Gene Binda
Atlantic Hockey Association - Division I College Hockey

Weymouth, MA
"The Central Hockey League Officials and Officiating Management Team find HorizonWebRef to be a viable source of assignments and messaging. It is instantaneous and provides constant reminders of games assigned and appropriate notices. Over 1,000 man games assigned per year speak to the effectiveness of HorizonWebRef and the acceptance of the Central Hockey League."
Bryan Lewis
Central Hockey League - Professional Hockey
Glendale, AZ
"I've used numerous other on line assigning systems, Horizon is clearly the best. I would highly recommend this system to any assigner. The frequent reminders, email, texts, etc are extremely helpful. The mobile phone text option is the best, and involves no extra charge to users"
Vincent Malatesta
Worcester, MA
"I love how easy it is to navigate the website and the functionality is great when it comes to accepting games. Another great feature is the ability to have games automatically added to my google calendar."
Jamie Norton
Central Iowa Basketball Officials Association
Ankeny, IA
"As an official in multiple sports, I use three different assigning websites and Horizon continues to be a step in front of the others. What is most interesting is the responsiveness to updating features in the software to make it easier for the assigner and official to navigate through the site. "
Greg Peck
Sandlot America Baseball
Felicity, OH
"Horizon has made my job as the assignor for the London Football Officials Association a lot easier. Once the games have been set it shows me who is available to assign a game. It notifies me when the assignment has been accepted or if the assignment has been declined. I find it a lot easier to complete my job and invoice the various leagues we work for."
John Patrick
London Football Officials Association
London, ON
"The interface is very easy to understand, and I have quick access to all the appropriate options to manage my game schedule and availability. The contact section makes it very easy for me to contact fellow officials when the need arises. The Android app also makes it extremely convenient to accept games and manage my schedule instantly, while away from my PC."
David Hinz
Erie Ice Referees, Inc.
Wattsburg, PA
"Knowledgeable, friendly support when I need it. System is easy to use, all our officials like it. We appreciate emails and text of game reminders and changes. System will notify me of game length errors or conflicts with facility dates and times. We wish we had used in previous seasons. "
Ken Dyar
Indianapolis Hockey Officials Association
Greenwood, IN
"After researching several assignment software packages, I decided to try Horizon. My personal assigner uses Arbiter Sports and experiences many problems. After a year and a half I have not regreted my decision to use Horizon. I assign over 600 games in the spring season alone and other seasons from March to November. All questions, difficulties, and issues have been quickly resolved using the tremendous support system. More importantly the officials I assign have high praise for the reminder features and the other resources available through Horizon. Highly recommend this software."
John Rabbeitt
GSSA Umpire Association
Fairhope, AL
"HWR does everything our organization needs it to and more !! I enjoy HWR as a scheduler because it helps me to find the right official the first time every time !! This greatly lessens my time spent making corrections after initial assignments."
Tom Pepsis
Allen, TX
" is the simplest and most efficient assigning web site I use during the season. Over the years I have seen and used many different assigning portals and this site has proven time again to be the best."
Nicholas Gordon
The Referees Crease
Scarborough, ME
"I have all my games and assignments saved and get directions to where I am going. Horizon is great for keeping up with income and end of year totals for taxes. I highly recommend to anyone who is an official."
Frank Fontana
Pelican State
Kenner, LA
"This site is ridiculously easy to navigate and is extrememly user firendly. I don't see how assignors ever got along without it. It seems as if everything I need to do is just one click away. And hey, it's even available in a mobile version."
Todd Bonds
Sandlot America Baseball
Highland Heights, KY
"I have been part of officials' organizations that have used a number of different web-based assignment tools and I have found Horizon to be the most user-friendly of them all. I have their app on my smartphone so all notifications are readily available whether I am on my computer at home or away. I particular like the system whereby my upcoming assignments are sent to me prior to my game which serves as a constant reminder. Since all my partners are similarly notified, I am more comfortable that we will not have any missed communications. "
Jim Barns
Bella Vista, AR
"HorizonWebRef is easy to use and available on all my devices. The recent upgrades have made keeping track of my schedule and requesting new games really easy. I cannot imagine how we managed this in the past! HorizonWebref is awesome!"
Kenneth Stiff
Rolling Meadows, IL
"This program has been a God send. It is very user friendly making my assignment life so much easier. They are continually adding new features. If there is something that we a customers feel is need and useful, they listen. Since day one I have had nothing but good things to say about HorizonWebRef. Please keep up the Good work. I think that I can speak for most if not all assignors when I say Thank you for making our lives easier. Bruce Guindon Assignor RIHOA"
Bruce Guindon Sr
RI Hockey Officials Association
Pawtucket, RI
"We have been a customer of HorizonWebRef for nearly six years and have tried other web-based scheduling products. With over 10,000 youth, college and adult hockey games annually, HWR has been a perfect fit for our scheduling needs. Our schedulers find the system very user friendly, and our membership rates HWR as an exceptional tool to obtain and manage their assignments. Most importantly, the staff at HWR have provided exceptional customer service, addressing our questions and concerns regularly within 2-4 hours. We appreciate that HWR is always trying to improve their product. John Eddy President, CIHRA"
John Eddy
Colorado Ice Hockey Referee Association
Centennial, CO
"I've been using the site for five years, its a great tool for managing my game schedules and easy to navigate. A great site, keep up the good work and I will continue to use it in the future."
Kelvin Ezell
OAOA Baseball / Softball
Apo, AP
"One of the best assigning programs ever! The best part is that its always evolving to meet my changing needs. This program is the best bang for your buck! I recommend this to anyone tasked with assigning officials."
Mark Kedziora
Carol Stream, IL
"This program help us to organize our agendas during the regular season. The program is very accurate and we can rely in any last minute changes. Also the program is user friendly (easy for customers)."
Alfredo Cox
Northeast Volleyball Officials Asn
Jacksonville, FL
"The horizon has allowed me to sort my assignments, and project in the future. The ability to make yourself available by times is also user friendly. This service is certainly of use for many, and serves many purposes."
Andre B.
OAOA Basketball
Fpo, AP
"This is our first season on Horizonwebref and already I am seeing major improvements. Every time I get a game I just look at the availability list and can find the best crew possible from the list on display. The members really like it as it gives them a running total of how much they have earned to date and who will be with them at the next game. So far the time saving is great and my wife is delighted that I have more time to help around the house .... darn"
Bill Butcher
Durham-York Football Officials Association
Oshawa, ON
"I have been using Horizon Webref for five years this will be our sixth year. There is no better system out there. I am involved with other organizations that use another system this one is sooo much better. It is easy to navigate, input documents, data, games, members, send emails etc. The tech support is always available and respond very quickly and sometimes to very simple questions with great patience. Most importantly Horizon Webref is constantly improving their system they take suggestions and input from users seriously and change things to make our (users) lives much easier. I am a total fan of Horizon Webref and am pleased to endorse and recommend this system to organizations that take assigning and scheduling sporting events seriously! You will not find a better or more reasonably priced product!"
Mary Stanton
Southern Worcester County USA Umpire Association
Southborough, MA
"I used assignbyweb and the arbiter. I officiate in a league that uses the League Manager and another that uses a presto sports assigning system. Horizonweb is the best! I can see what other assigners have for games in different associations so I know if I can double a ref up or he is gone for the day. I share the site with 2 other assigners and it has allowed us to share officials and make the officials lives easier as they get games closer to home/ work and they rarely see the same teams twice in a week or two. I highly recommend this site and Tory has been great to deal with regarding all technical questions that have come up. You always get a response within a few hours."
Wayne Silva
MIAA Ice Hockey
Salem, MA
"Horizon Staff Scheduler is easy to use and the support staff is always avaliable. As an administrator, when we have an issue we always get a quick response that is very helpful.Basic functionality within the site is user friendly. I would recommend this product to others."
Erik Geller
Bill Grays Regional Iceplex
Rochester, NY
"Horizon Web makes it so easy to keep track of all my assignments for three different assigning organizations. Notifications are a real plus and allows me to keep on track and not miss any assignment. Keep up the good work."
Justin Loomis
College Hockey America - Womens
Fairport, NY
" has cut my day to day scheduling workload in half. I now rely on the system, as well as the officials I assign to do the communication (email/text) grunt work. I no longer have to "negotiate" schedule offerings / accepts or declines manually via email. - Great Product - Even better when I have to submit payroll as the readily available reports are there instantly and accurate. I very much trust this system and hardily recommend it to fellow schedulers - regardless of the specific sport."
Al Sterling
Avalanche Officiating
Bedford, NH
"I have been scheduling umpires for the Gurnee Youth Baseball organization for the past 7 years. Many of the nearly 100 umpires who work for GYB are teens, although about one third are adults who also umpire high school baseball. Gurnee Youth Baseball has leagues encompassing t-ball through Colt level so there are hundreds of games each season. Previous to using HorizonWebRef, I would schedule umpires by requesting via email each umpire's available dates, then create a spreadsheet schedule, and then email the schedule out to umpires weekly. This process generally required 15-20 hours of my time each week, which as a volunteer was excessive. Using the HorizonWebRef scheduling site has significantly reduced the time spent each week. Once the games are inputted, the actual scheduling each week takes about an hour or two. This system is efficient, umpires receive direct notification of their games, and I only need to make changes if someone declines a game. I really like the simplicity of the site as well as the readily available help. Furthermore, the fact that the site automatically notifies officials of upcoming games means we have fewer no-shows (remember I work with several teens). Mostly I like that I can adapt the site to my organizations needs and that HorizonWebRef will work to change, update, and add new features. This is a fantastic website for managing sports officiating!"
Lynn Merkel
Gurnee Youth Baseball
Oak Creek, WI
"Horizon has made it extremely easy to manage life and hockey schedules with their easily accessible "Availability Calendar." Instead of having to send an email, it is as simple as the push of a button. If your availability changes, you can update it accordingly without the worry if your assignor received your email."
Ryan Wilson
Guelph Hockey Referees Association
Guelph, ON
"Horizon webref makes it easier to keep up on assignments, changes and upcoming events in our association as well as a place to refer to documents that we need for tournaments and other events. Easy to use and easy to find information."
James Wilson
Sandlot America Baseball
West Chester, OH
"I have always been impressed with the quick response to problems, concerns or questions that I may have had. The system is very user friendly and the support has been awesome. "
Ralph Edwards
Central Iowa Basketball Officials Association
Des Moines, IA
"After doing our scheduling manually for many years, the Newburgh Umpires Association decided to give Horizon Web Ref a try. The results have been incredible to say the least. Time saving, never a miscommunication and payroll are all tremendous positives made easier for our organization. I highly recommend Horizon Web Ref to anyone considering a scheduling website. I am amazed that every conceivable option regarding changes that may occur are covered. Thank you!"
Gary MacEntee
Newburgh Umpires Association
Wallkill, NY
"Easy and concise. Always find it helpful in looking at my current schedule and being able to plan my month. I can look at any time of day or night and set my month. Thanks"
Dennis Dahlmann
Great Lakes Hockey Officials - D.I.N. Associates
Brighton, MI
"Since using the HorizonWebRef system, our communication between officials, coaches and program director's have been greatly enhanced. No more missed phone calls confirming assignments, games or game changes. With a click of a button, everyone involved is informed. From the scheduling and assigning perspective, we have simplified both assigning and scheduling cutting the time spent on both in half."
Gary O'Connor
Nassau County Police Activities League - Boys
Garden City, NY
"I really like HorizonWebRef as an umpire for over 35 years and an assignor for the last 10 this system makes my life easy! I have used other systems and this system is much easier to use. The learning curve is very short I was up and running within 4 hours. The help desk is awesome, responses are quick, easy to follow, and customer friendly. Can't say enough about this program except that it is a "best buy". Harold Searing UIC Baseball/Softball"
Harold Searing
Searing Softball/Baseball Assignments
Strafford, NH
"HorizonWebRef is by far the biggest bang for your buck. With the ability to assign a large number of games to many different umpires, I am able to save massive amounts of time. Everything is clear and concise and the reporting for invoice purposes is top notch."
Mike Huff
SoftballNation Umpires
Chesapeake, VA
"HorizonWebRef has helped me and the Sandlot America Baseball Umpires Assoc. deliver to our customers the quality umpiring service that they require for select baseball teams and the various tournaments that are held in the Greater Cincinnati area. The availability calendar and all the useful tools that are within the website are user-friendly, not only to the assignors but to the individual umpires as well. "
Roger Dicks
Sandlot America Baseball
Cincinnati, OH
"It is quick, easy and informative. The map feature for locations is wonderful as is the ability to email partners prior to games. Finally, the new "Paid" feature was a great addition. I live my "officiating life" by this and can't imagine anything else as efficient."
Greg Godsil
Downers Grove, IL
"Helps me stay organized. I can schedule my available time around work and personnel time without having to call or email anyone. The reminders that you receive work just as well. This website is far the best."
Bill Beal
Valley Hockey League
Fitchburg, MA
"The system as a whole is great on letting me be on top of everything I need to know on a moments notice . Being an official and the other systems some use to notify and organize my games I will say Horizon web ref is by far the best."
Danny Niemiec
Lagrange Hlds, IL
"This system is the best tool for our organization besides a well trained experienced official on the ice. The system is easy to work with and the support is excellent. I cannot think of a better way to manage officials, organizations and game scheduling."
Mike Carroll
Avon, NY
"I spent ten years scheduling the "hard way" with excel spreadsheets and emails and countless phone calls. The Horizon Web Ref umpire scheduling system has cut the workload by at least 75% - we are ready to expand our small business now. Our umpire team absolutely loves the convenience and effectiveness of the HWR tool. We have not had a single missed assignment all spring with over 1000 games completed."
Tom Bowman
20/20 Umpires, LLC
Charlotte, NC
"For years we looked for a program that could streamline our assigning needs. Horizon has done this and so much more. This first season we used it, our missed assignment totaled only one, and we did 2500 assignments. It helped spread out the workload as the officials had to input their availability. Another association got on board with it after talking with me and another is looking at it as well. Great job and great program!!!!"
Darren McLachlan
Guelph Hockey Referees Association
Guelph, ON
"I have recently assumed the assigning duties for our football officials association utilizing HorizonWebRef and cannot imagine the work required to assign officials without this web tool. Knowing which officials are available when assigning and their recent games makes the task so much easier. The summary sheets, the availability calendars and notices are some of the features that are so valuable when assigning officials to games."
Mike Garvey
Durham-York Football Officials Association
Pickering, ON
"This software is incredible! I can't stress how much all of our staff and associates love using this system. I would highly recommend this software to anyone I come in contact with who is seeking to find a more efficient way of scheduling, and staying in communication with their associates. "
Michael Vasquez
Bill Grays Regional Iceplex
Fairport, NY
"Horizon Web Ref has turned the tedious job of assigning into a thing of beauty. Once you get the hang of it (and someone is always there to help you along), it is simple to use. Hands down it is more professional looking than arbiter, has all the up to date features for those into apps and iphones, is backed by a solid staff of tech-savvy professionals, is reliable and, to boot, is affordable and priced right. I was amazed at how easy it was to partition the system so i was able to assign three sports -- baseball, basketball and soccer -- all at the same time during the first month I used the system. "
Jim Fazzone
Latham, NY
"Really enjoy using Horizon. It's a well organized application that gives me all the information I need about my assignments quickly, and across many platforms. I also know, from serving on the EOTFOA exec, that Horizon has been very responsive to suggestions and concerns, and has worked hard to continue upgrading the platform. It's a great app, which I am happy to recommend to others."
Don Wilcox
Eastern Ontario Tackle Football Officials Assoc
Nepean, ON
"This is an outstanding program that allows us to be more transparent and inclusive. Forget the basics; it has it all. A very easy, safe and practical program for all sports. Thanks to Horizon, we are able to be in great communication with all members of our association."
Matt Schule
Saskatoon, SK
"HWR is by far the best online assigning system on the market today. There are a ton of features that make assigning games so much easier. I prefer HWR over the Arbiter, it is much easier to use and you get more features. The features that you have to pay for with arbiter connected, you get for free with HWR. You can't beat the price of HWR either. Another great thing with HWR is the feedback requests. HWR staff is great to work with when requesting new features."
Jeff S.
Huntley, IL
"I think Horizon is a great scheduling system for hockey officials and I am sure it is very good for other sports as well. It is very efficient for showing your games and for the opportunity to get other games that are available. It clearly shows the official's availability a month at a time. It is a very flexible program and they are always trying to respond to the official's requests and improving the program. I would recommend it. Dave Nardini from CDIHOA."
Dave Nardini
Schenectady, NY
"Our association joined Horizon six years ago and we have been completely satisfied with everything Horizon has to offer. Our association assigns officials for approximately 700 football games each season which equates to 2500 assignments. Horizon is user friendly and when we need techical assistance there is no hesitation from the techicians. I appreciate the fact that if we have a suggestion to enhance an area in the program you are always receptive and provide solutions. In fact, I have called our rep on numerous occasions and have received accurate information to resolve any issues, always minor in nature, we may have encountered. I have recommended Horizon to several of our sister football officials associations here in Ontario and hopefully they will follow up and enlist the services of your first rate and extremely capable group. We will continue to utilize your services and will also continue to recommend Horizon to anyone looking for a competent and well organized assigning system. John Pinches Secretary/Assignor - Eastern Ontario Tackle Football Officials Association "
John Pinches
Eastern Ontario Tackle Football Officials Assoc
Ottawa, ON
"For most of us, we remember getting assignments by phone or word of mouth at organizational meetings held twice a month. That meant traveling to those meetings, using gas, taking you from your family and possibly missing an event you really wanted to go to see. In the end result, at times, sites to umpire were mixed up causing two umpires to appear where only one was needed and the other site left without an umpire at all. Even dates were mixed up as well. However, now we have "" that allows all umpires to receive their assignments via computer. This allows for receiving games or declining games, at the umpires leisure, within a short time period. This keeps the assignor informed in plenty of time, should he need to reassign your declined games. Not only that, you and the assignor can send messages to each other should either one of you be away from home. Oh, remember those nights getting games at meetings you had to drive to? Now you can take your wife, husband or family to those events you had to miss because of those meetings. I'm sure there are a lot of families that Dad or Mom are glad that they can attend more of their childrens events. I don't know about you, but that's a "Home Run" for me."
William Johnson
Elk Grove Umpires Association
Elk Grove, CA